The Moon and the Bonfires with Patrick Preziosi

Episode 9 October 03, 2023 01:06:47
The Moon and the Bonfires with Patrick Preziosi
Unburied Books
The Moon and the Bonfires with Patrick Preziosi

Oct 03 2023 | 01:06:47


Show Notes

Writer and critic Patrick Preziosi joins us to discuss Cesare Pavese's The Moon and the Bonfires, translated from Italian by R. W. Flint. The story features a nameless narrator who returns to his native Italy from America in the wake of World War II. We talk about the ghosts of the past, the cyclical nature of violence, and the innate desire to find one's home.

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Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet
Natalia Ginzburg
Family Lexicon
A Private Affair by Beppe Fenoglio
The Little Virtues
Jacques Tourneur
The Business of Living or The Burning Brand
The Selected Works of Cesare Pavese
The House on the Hill
Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
Michaelangelo Antonioni
Jean-Patrick Manchette
Muriel Spark
Conversations in Siciliy by Elio Vittorini
Alina Stefanescu

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