Stalingrad with Antony Beevor

Episode 14 May 16, 2023 01:05:07
Stalingrad with Antony Beevor
Unburied Books
Stalingrad with Antony Beevor

May 16 2023 | 01:05:07


Show Notes

Historian Antony Beevor joins us to discuss Stalingrad written by Vasily Grossman and translated from Russian by Robert and Elizabeth Chandler. We talk about Grossman's observational powers, the boundaries between history and literature, and the context surrounding the book's narrative. Listeners unfamiliar with the plot may want to wait until they've read the book to tune in.

Read more about our guest's work here.

A Writer at War
Luba Vinogradova
Christopher MacLehose
Andrew Nurnberg
Arthur Grimm
War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Life and Fate
The great man theory
Guernica by Pablo Picasso
Michael Howard
Margaret MacMillan
Catherine Merridale
Operation Foxley
John Erickson
Operation Uranus
Konstantin Simonov
Ilya Ehrenburg
Vasily Zaitsev
Anatoly Chekhov
Enemy at the Gates
Pablo Neruda
Stefan Zweig
Chess Story
Gulag: A History by Anne Applebaum

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