In a Lonely Place with Farran Smith Nehme

Episode 13 May 02, 2023 00:52:17
In a Lonely Place with Farran Smith Nehme
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In a Lonely Place with Farran Smith Nehme

May 02 2023 | 00:52:17


Show Notes

Film critic Farran Smith Nehme joins us to discuss In a Lonely Place written by Dorothy B. Hughes and adapted into a movie by Nicholas Ray. We talk about the book's unique approach to suspense, the film's relocation of the characters from the margins of Hollywood to the center, and some of our guest's favorite noirs. Listeners unfamiliar with the plot may want to wait until they've read the book (and watched the movie) to tune in.

Check out Farran's Sight and Sound list here. As promised, you can view Dylan's Ray ranking here and Kassia's top 100 here.

The Lady Vanishes
Nicholas Ray
Ride the Pink Horse
Robert Montgomery
Sarah Weinman
Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s
Gone Girl
Mary Higgins Clark
Ryan Murphy
Burnett Guffey
Humphrey Bogart
Louise Brooks
Lauren Bacall
Gloria Grahame
Noir Alley
Noir City Film Festival
The Maltese Falcon
Out of the Past
Otto Preminger
He Walked By Night
Lawrence Tierney
Imogen Smith
The Missing Juror
Decision to Leave

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